1956.  Preparation, distribution, and return of blank forms for listing and assessing of property

A.(1)  The tax commission may require the assessors to make up assessment lists in a formal manner and according to a method to be prescribed by it.  In such assessment lists it may require the separate valuations of improved and unimproved property and the improvements thereon.  The tax commission shall, before the first day of January of each year, prepare and have printed the blank forms prescribed for the listing and assessing of property.  The tax commission shall furnish to each assessor throughout the state such quantity of such printed forms as will suffice to secure the listing of all property subject to taxation.

(2)  Each taxpayer shall fill out a list of his property and make oath to its correctness, in the manner and form prescribed by law, and return such list to the assessor on or before the first day of April of each year.  Each tax assessor, in person or by a duly qualified deputy, is authorized to administer oaths or affirmations in the manner required by law for administering oaths.  Any willful misstatement to the assessor, or any authorized deputy, made under oath, shall be considered and punished as false swearing, as provided by the laws of this state in other cases.

B.  The tax commission shall formulate and furnish to each assessor forms pertaining to vessels principally operated within Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act Waters.  Such forms shall require a certification from the taxpayer that such vessels reported on the form were principally operated in Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act Waters.

Amended by Acts 1952, No. 71, 1; H.C.R. No. 88, 1993 R.S., eff. May 30, 1993; H.C.R. No. 1, 1994 R.S., eff. May 11, 1994; Acts 1994, 3rd Ex. Sess., No. 59, 1, eff. July 7, 1994; Acts 2006, No. 622, 8, eff. Dec. 11, 2006.