1989.  Review of appeals by tax commission

A.  Within ten days of receipt of the assessment lists as certified by the local board of review, the tax commission shall conduct public hearings to hear real and personal property appeals of taxpayers, bona fide representatives of an affected tax-recipient body, or assessors, from the action of the board of review.

B.  The Louisiana Tax Commission shall consider the appeal of any taxpayer, bona fide representative of an affected tax-recipient body, or assessor dissatisfied with the determination of a local board of review.  All documents, except confidential forms as provided in R.S. 47:2327, filed in connection with any appeal shall be available for public inspection during the regular business hours of the Louisiana Tax Commission.

C.  All such hearings shall be conducted in accordance with rules and regulations established by the tax commission.

D.(1)  All decisions by the tax commission are final unless appealed to the district court within thirty days.

(2)  The proceedings in such suit shall be tried by preference, whether or not out of term time1, at such time as fixed by the district court.  No new trial or rehearing shall be allowed.

(3)  Any appeal from a judgment of the district court shall be heard by preference within sixty days of the lodging of the record in the court of appeal.  The appeal shall be taken thirty days from the date the judgment of the district court is rendered. If such appeal is timely filed, any amount of taxes that were paid under protest pursuant to R.S. 47:1856(E) shall remain segregated and invested pursuant to that Subsection and no bond or other security shall be necessary to perfect such appeal.

(4)  In the event the supreme court grants a writ of certiorari, the court shall hear the appeal on the next regular docket of the court.

E.  The assessment lists, together with any changes in connection therewith, shall be certified and returned to each assessor on or before October 15 of each year.

F.  Within one hundred eighty days after receipt of a written protest from a public service property taxpayer, the Louisiana Tax Commission shall conduct public hearings to hear public service appeals of taxpayers, bona fide representatives of an affected tax recipient body, or assessors.

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1As appears in enrolled bill.