1952.  Place and time of listing and assessment

A.  All property subject to taxation, including merchandise or stock in trade, shall be placed upon the assessment lists in the respective parishes or districts where situated.  Assessments shall be made on the basis of the condition of things existing on the first day of January of each year; however, as to the ownership of immovable property subject to taxation, the assessor may note on the tax roll any transfer of such property which takes place after the first day of January but before the assessor files the tax roll with the tax collector as required in R.S. 47:1993, if practicable.  If the assessor makes such note on the tax rolls, the tax notice shall then be sent to such owner in lieu of the owner of the property as of January first.

B.  All crops, whether growing or gathered, shall be considered as being attached to the realty while in first hands, and shall not be separately taxed while in possession of the lessor or his agent.

C.  The notes, judgments, accounts and credits of nonresidents doing business in the state, originating from the business done in this state, are subject to taxation at the business domicile in this state of the nonresident person or his business agent or representative, under the same rules and in the same manner that property of a like nature is assessed and taxed within the state.

D.  Mortgage notes and indebtedness and all evidence of indebtedness, shall be taxable only at the situs and domicile of the holder or owner thereof.

E.  No property shall be taxed twice in the same year.

F.  The tax collectors throughout the state shall list for taxation for state and parish taxes all merchandise or stock in trade brought into the several parishes for sale after the assessment rolls for the year are completed, and such officer shall furnish the auditor a duplicate of such assessment, provided nothing in this Paragraph shall apply to merchants or other parties who have been regularly assessed.

G.  When a line between two parishes divides a tract of land, or plantation, each portion shall be assessed in the parish in which it lies; all movable property shall be assessed in the parish or district where it is located, except as otherwise provided.  When the lines of parishes are in dispute as to their real location, the lines as shown by "Hardee's Map" of 1895, shall be the lines for assessment purposes and the parish or parishes affected thereby shall be governed by such lines unless a court having competent jurisdiction shall decree otherwise.

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